“Produce 101” Star PD Han Dong Chul Is Preparing Yet Another New Audition Program

What new tricks could he bring?

PD Han Dong Chul, who is famed for his audition programs including Produce 101 and SIXTEEN, is preparing his own new audition program with his new production company.

According to Han Dong Chul’s press release, he has started his own production company called Funky Studio, and is preparing for his new start as both a producer and CEO. He is known by some as the “Hand of God” and “Star Maker” for his role in the creation of I.O.I, Wanna One, and the mastermind of both the Show Me The Money series and the Unpretty Rapstar series.

Many industry officials are focusing on Han Dong Chul’s future moves, as he is currently planning yet another audition program, already hold meetings with his production team to discuss potential formats, set to create yet another legendary audition program format.

This audition program will be different from any program so far.

— Han Dong Chul

Han Dong Chul has also decided that he would only direct audition programs in Korea, despite the numerous lovecalls he has received from overseas such as China and Japan. Anticipation is growing over what new formatting and rules Han Dong Chul will bring to the audition program scene.

Source: Xportnews