Wanna One’s Yoon Jisung Once Begged To Be Removed From The Debut Lineup

The hate he experienced was so severe.

Wanna One was one of the most popular boy groups back when they were active. As they were a project group derived from Produce 101‘s second season, they initially disbanded in 2019 before reuniting in 2021.

Oldest member Yoon Jisung appeared on a recent episode of Okay? Okay! There, he talked about his worried and frustrations during his time in Wanna One. From the moment he was on Produce 101, he was labeled as the funny one. Unfortunately, this also meant that he was the butt of many jokes.

During the survival show, the contestants had to undergo a sort of fan meeting which determined their popularity. This was a recognition test for the contestants.

Although many came to see him, he came across a post online after the fan meeting that mocked him. The post had laughed at Yoon Jisung for being happy and shaking their hand when they were a hater.

After he was announced as part of the debut line up, he was bashed to no end. Of course, there were the usual criticisms that he could not sing or dance well, and neither was he outstandingly handsome.

But the worst attacks came for his age. Yoon Jisung was 27 years old in Korea back at his time of debut with Wanna One.

In the end, all the hate got to him and Yoon Jisung ended up going to the CEO managing Wanna One and begged to be taken out of the group.

Thankfully, the CEO managed to persuade him to stay in the group and persevere. Otherwise, fans wouldn’t have been able to discover Yoon Jisung’s amazing charms!

Source: theqoo

Wanna One

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