“Produce 48” Former Pledis Entertainment Heo Yoonjin To Join HYBE’s New Girl Group

She will join Sakura and Chaewon.

It has been reported that Produce 48‘s Heo Yoonjin will be joining HYBE‘s upcoming girl group. An exclusive investigation by Star News on August 24 reported that she had moved from Pledis Entertainment to  Source Music. She will be joining the new girl group that Source Music is planning to launch through HYBE Label.

According to the report, the new girl group will contain 3 former IZ*ONE members and another member is still discussing joining the group given that she has larger interest in acting. The new girl group will consist of 5 to 6 members including Sakura, Chaewon and Heo Yoonjin.

Heo Yoonjin was born in South Korea in 2001 and grew up in America. She joined the company through an audition in New York in 2017. She joined Produce 48 as a trainee from Pledis Entertainment alongside Gaeun. HYBE Labels has not commented on the news.

Source: Star News