Produce 48 Named South Korea’s Most Influential TV Program

Produce 48 becomes Korea’s most talked about TV program!

Despite the amount of criticism and the controversyProduce 48 is actually dominating the South Korean TV industry.


For the last week of June 2018, CJ E&M and Nielson Korea revealed the most influential TV programs to air and Produce 48 took #1.

Other influential programs included the popular K-Drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and “variety” shows I Live Alone and Masked Singer.


Produce 48 also won the highest trending program of the week as well.

Recently, the third episode of Produce 48 reached its all-time highest viewer ratings.


The program and its Korean and Japanese trainees continue to rank high on search engines and trend on social media platforms as more episodes unfold and show them hard at work.

These Are The 12 Girls Leading The “Produce 48” Rankings After Episode 3

Viewers look forward to the next episode, as losing trainees will be dropped from the show and the competition is about to grow even more fierce.

Source: Sports Seoul