“Produce 48” Winning Team Contract Details Revealed, Mnet Refuses To Confirm Nor Deny

What has been revealed of the contract truly shocked the viewers!

The previous seasons of Produce 101 have debuted not only the winning groups, I.O.I and Wanna One, but also other K-Pop groups featuring the contestants, like Weki Meki, PRISTIN and JBJ. Only, with each season, there have been controversies regarding the debuting members’ conflicting contracts with their current groups and agencies versus with Mnet. So naturally, viewers of Produce 48 are starting to wonder-worry about the finalists’ future.


For Produce 48, the third and global season of the show, Mnet is said to have found a middle ground that will allow the Top 12 girls to debut as a project girl group and still promote with their respective groups should they belong to any.

Through press coverages prior to the show’s premiere, it was revealed that the debuting group from Produce 48 will be promoting for two and a half years together.

“The winners will promote exclusively with the project girl group in and outside of Korea for 18 months. Then, for the remaining 12 months, the members will be able to promote with other groups as well. The contract can be renewed, as necessary.” — OSEN News


This “flexibility” is a big plus factor, especially as this will allow the Japanese trainees to promote with their AKB48 or other groups in the last 12 months of the contract. Mnet has not yet confirmed nor denied the news reports claiming the winning group will have a 18 months exclusive and 12 months inclusive contract.

“We’re currently checking to confirm. We will announce the details as soon as we know.” — Mnet


Viewers are at awe upon hearing the shocking conditions of the contract for the third season winners. Produce 48 fans patiently await for Mnet’s confirmation on how the contract will work out.

  • “Wow, this is such a deal. We should pick our debuting group carefully, guys!”

  • “Is this even possible? 18 months exclusive?”

  • “There’s potential to renew!?”

  • “Looks like the Japanese side of the production is going all in for this winning group.”

  • “AKB is really making this an opportunity for the Japanese trainees. I don’t think the terms of the contract are bad at all!”
Source: OSEN and Herald Pop