“Produce X 101” Trainee Wrapped Up In Controversy About Private Life

His KakaoTalk chatrooms were exposed.

With all Produce X 101 trainees having been revealed, one trainee has been involved in a controversy over his past immoral behavior.

Recently, a netizen partially revealed the identity of one of the trainees on an online community and stated that “he hugged students for 200 won at a school festival” and that “he forced free hugs on the 1st and 2nd-grade high school girls and forcefully hugged them.”


Another netizen then posted an image of the school festival poster as proof and confirmed that he indeed forcefully gave the students “free hugs” and demanded money for them.

He would grab his juniors who were just passing by and make them receive a free hug. I remember if they didn’t have money, he’d get angry and tell them to borrow it from someone.

ㅡ Netizen


Moreover, a chat message in which the trainee and his friend said inappropriate things about the event was revealed. The trainee said things like, “I made about 10,000 won from hugs,” or “I f*cking hugged a lot.”

The trainee’s other inappropriate messages from KakaoTalk chatrooms have also been spreading on the internet and adding to his controversy.


The trainee and his agency have yet to make any statement regarding the issue.


Meanwhile, Produce X 101 will be airing its first episode on May 3.

Source: Money S