PRODUCE X 101 Trainee Confidently Covered Sunmi’s “Siren”, But It Became A Disaster

His performance was a true shocker.

On the first episode of PRODUCE X 101, trainee Kwon Taeeun from the agency A_CONIC, who became known for his contagious “happy smile”, performed Sunmi‘s “Siren” for his level evaluation stage. Unfortunately, while he succeeded at making everyone smile at the performance, he ended up failing the evaluation and being placed in Level X, which is the lowest tier.


As soon as Kwon Taeeun began dancing to the intro of Sunmi’s “Siren”, his fellow trainees instantly became interested. Everyone paid attention to how Kwon Taeeun could have interpreted the song…


… but as soon as he began singing, expectations were shattered. Kwon Taeeun didn’t once lose his signature smile throughout the performance. He remained extremely positive and confident as he crawled the stage and tried to charm the audience.


Some trainees were shocked speechless…


Others were busy cracking up!


Kwon Taeeun stated in his interview, “I don’t think anyone would have guessed I was going to cover Sunmi’s ‘Siren’ so… I hope everyone had fun watching. I’m hoping at least they got a good laugh.”


His performance did, in fact, make everyone laugh. The other trainees, the judges, and the viewers all had a great time watching the comic performance.


However, vocalist Lee Seok Hoon ripped apart the stage with some brutally honest criticism. As a judge, Lee Seok Hoon shared serious disappointment in Kwon Taeeun and pointed out that the performance was even offensive.

I don’t find this funny at all. Honestly, I was offended watching you perform. If you were to have really thought about this song and practiced it like you should have… then you would have never performed like you just did.

— Lee Seok Hoon


In the end, Kwon Taeeun was evaluated to belong in Level X.

Kwon Taeeun, along with other X level trainees, will not be able to join the rest of the team at the training center. Level X trainees also do not get to perform the main track. Whether Level X means automatic elimination has not been revealed yet.


Watch the shocking performance here: