Two “Produce X 101” Trainees Leave Surprise Messages For Their Fans On Subway Ads

They personally hand-wrote these messages.

Two trainees from PRODUCE X 101 were spotted roaming the subway stations during off-peak hours.


It turned out to be Nam Dohyun and Lee Hangyul, two trainees from MBK Entertainment!


They visited a local subway station that had celebratory ads put up for them by their fans.


As fans began to gather, they decided to write hold a surprise event where they wrote heartfelt messages on the ads!


They each began writing, hoping that other fans would come and be surprised by their letters.


Nam Dohyun thanked them for their support and vowed to continue working hard.

Hello, this is MBK’s trainee, Nam Dohyun.

I’m sincerely grateful that you’d support me like this. I will continue to work really hard. Thank you.

— Nam Dohyun


Lee Hangyul also thanked his fans for their support and votes, promising to continue training diligently!

Hello! This is MBK’s trainee, Lee Hangyul.

Thank you for always cheering me on and voting for me. Please take care of your health!

— Lee Hangyul

Hello! This is MBK’s trainee, Lee Hangyul.

To our national producers, thank you for always supporting me and I will become a more hardworking and better Lee Hangyul

— Lee Hangyul


With such sweet hearts as Nam Dohyun and Lee Hangyul, no wonder why they continue to rank high with each ranking!

Source: Nate Pann