Produce X 101’s Kim Mingyu Holds Back Tears While Talking About The Negative Attention He Has Been Receiving

He has been working incredibly hard to improve his skills

Produce X 101 is currently airing and viewers have been consistently engaged with the show with the public eventually voting in the eleven members of the final boy group.

This has meant a lot of online attention has been focused on the contestants, but unfortunately not all of it has been positive.

Kim Mingyu, a trainee from Jellyfish Entertainment, has consistently ranked within the Top 3 at the end of each episode so far.

His stunning visuals has won him many fans and he was even voted the handsomest trainee by the other contestants.

However, he had been criticised by the judges for his skills and was placed in the lowest rank, Class X in the first episode.

Although he has been working extremely hard, Kim Mingyu has continued to be criticised online for lacking stage presence while still ranking within the Top 3.

In a confessional, Mingyu stated that this was the first time in his life that he had received so much attention.

Consequently, he felt like he was under a lot of pressure to do well so he wouldn’t let people down.

Although he has been putting in so much effort and has been steadily improving, Mingyu still receives negative attention for his performances.

I can’t just be the Mingyu who works hard, I have to be the Mingyu that does well

After revealing his feelings, Mingyu started tearing up but he started slapping his knee so he wouldn’t cry on camera.

I can’t have these emotions because I must do well

Although he is extremely popular, Mingyu continues to spend a lot of his energy and time on improving his talents.

In the most recent episode of Produce X 101, Mingyu amazed with his vocal abilities during a group performance.

Despite the negative attention he has been receiving and how it is affecting him, Mingyu is still determined to do the best that he can for his fans, his mentors and his fellow contestants.

Regardless of his visuals or his talents, this shows that Mingyu has a wonderful attitude and kind-hearted personality that will continue to take him further in life.

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