Producer TANK Threatens OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee To Leave Her Group, Using His Medical Records

He claimed to have a leg up against her case due to medical records.

Previous reports revealed that OH MY GIRL‘s Seunghee has been facing slander and threats by a producer and artist, named TANK. Not only had he openly written a malicious diss track about her, but he had also emotionally abused her by using his depression and attempts to take his own life. It was later revealed that he had done similar things to her schoolmates as well.

TANK and Seunghee first met as senior and junior in high school. WM Entertainment shared that he had reached out to Seunghee last year with a message containing his will and testament, and Seunghee visited him with a mutual friend out of worry. From then on, he had proceeded to mistake her kind intentions for reciprocal feelings. WM Entertainment revealed that when Seunghee tried to turn him down, he would claim to attempt suicide.

When Seunghee eventually suffered anxiety and psychological pain from his continuous abuse, she decided to cut off all ties with him for her own health. Eventually, he released the diss track, titled “Sooni”, where he made malicious claims against her character. WM Entertainment responded by taking legal action against him.

However, in a recent upload on his YouTube channel, he began making threats against Seunghee and OH MY GIRL once again.

You cannot sue me. You totally lied about suing me and only ended up sending a certification of contents. It requested me to take down photos in which you were tagged in. If you want to make a criminal lawsuit of this, it will take you a year and a half. In that time, your girl group’s image will only become that of one that committed crimes.


TANK denied stalking Seunghee as WM Entertainment had accused him of. He alleged that Seunghee was the one who had approached him first and confessed her love for him while sending him multiple videos and photographs of herself. TANK called Seunghee a liar.

Furthermore, TANK threatened Seunghee that if she doesn’t leave OH MY GIRL, he will release alleged medical records.

You have told me too much already. You should leave the group now and go back to your hometown and open a dalkgalbi business. Then maybe I’ll let your team off. You don’t have much time left. You can’t sue me. If you sue me, you won’t win. I have 3 years of medical records for mental heath therapy with me.


WM Entertainment has yet to respond to his new threats.

Source: SBS