Producers Of Age Of Youth Explain Why Hwayoung Will Not Be Returning

Season 2 of Age of Youth has been confirmed but Hwayoung‘s role will not be a part of the main cast.

The first season of Age of Youth received positive reviews and thus was renewed for a second season. Hwayoung was planned to reprise her role along with the other 4 main cast members Han Ye Ri, Han Seung Yeon, Park Eun Bin, and Park Hye Soo. A representative from the drama said,

“All 5 of the main cast from season 1 will appear on season 2, however, Ryu Hwayoung’s appearance will only be a cameo.”

Age of Youth Representative

Following the initial report of Hwayoung’s reduced role, the Age of Youth PD Lee Tae Gon confirmed that Hwayoung’s role will be limited, saying,

“Following season 1, there were characters who had their stories fully told and others who still need time to finish telling their stories. We felt like Ryu Hwayoung’s story was completed, so it will be difficult to incorporate her again. We will not exclude her from the drama and are in discussions with her about a special cameo. This may be 1-2 episodes but it definitely won’t be for all 12.”

PD Lee Tae Gon

PD Lee Tae Gon made sure to note that Hwayoung’s recent controversy had no effect on the decision to replace her as this decision was made before the controversy emerged. He also added that the production team would look to add a new actress to join the drama, which will be aired on JTBC in late August.

Source: Sports SeoulMydaily