Producers Of “Homemade Love Story” Apologize For Lee Jang Woo’s Nudity Scene Following Backlash

Viewers were NOT happy.

The producers of KBS2‘s Homemade Love Story released a formal apology addressing the complaints viewers had about a particular nudity scene acted out by actor, Lee Jang Woo.

The producers expressed,

We have modestly accepted the voices of discomfort that our viewers had regarding a particular scene. We plan to edit that portion for our re-runs and streaming. We will pay better attention from now on.

— Homemade Love Story

In episode 4 of Homemade Love Story, Jin Ki Joo‘s character walked in on Lee Jang Woo’s character in the washroom when he was done taking a shower.

She mistook him for a pervert, screamed, causing Lee Jang Woo’s character to fall over with his robe falling off.

As a result, he flashed the women with his bare body, and although it was blurred out, viewers expressed their great discomfort.

Regarding the particular scene, Korea Communications Standards Commission stated,

We received over 20 petitions following the airing of the episode. The petitions will be re-evaluated in the correct departments.

— Korea Communications Standards Commission

Source: Insight