Produce X 101 Choi Suhwan’s Mother Made These To Help Promote Her Son

Netizens are moved by her efforts.

Netizens have been moved by the efforts made by Produce X 101 trainee Choi Suhwan‘s mother.

Choi Suhwan is an individual trainee and contestant of Produce X 101 who has been gaining popularity for his diligence and spectacular talent.


Currently in rank No. 24, it seems that his mother stepped up to help promote her son and boost his rank.


Photos of the handmade hairbands Choi Suhwan’s mother passed out has been spreading through online communities.


The creator of the post stated that Choi Suhwan’s mother was passing them out.


Inside each package, which was labeled with Choi Suhwan’s picture and name, were hairbands with assorted ribbons attached to them.


During one of his first interviews on the program, Choi Suhwan stated that he thought of this audition program as his last chance and confessed that he’s been to approximately 30-40 auditions in the past, failing at each one.


As a result, he often took to busking on the streets to sing. He claimed that he had better vocal and dance skills than some others, who passed the audition due to their “good visuals”.

I even resented the world at one point. If I was failing because of my face and height, I wanted to overcome this with my skills.

ㅡ Choi Suhwan


Meanwhile, Choi Suhwan’s mother was not the first parent to step up to help promote their child. Kang Hyunsoo’s father drew a great deal of attention after he was spotted on the streets holding a sign of his son and passing out business cards.

Source: Dispatch