Produce X 101 Contestant Park Yuri Claimed He Should Have Debuted As A Member Of NCT

He used to be an SM trainee.

Produce X 101 contestant Park Yuri stated in the latest episode of the program that he was supposed to debut with NCT.

When asked why Park Yuri and his fellow ESteem Entertainment contestants tried out for the show when they were already in modeling, Park Yuri indicated that his dream was originally to become an idol.

Before I became a model, my dream was becoming an idol.

ㅡ Park Yuri


In a prior interview, Park Yuri stated that he used to be a trainee at SM Entertainment and that he should have debuted as a member of NCT.

I used to be a trainee. SM trainee. Originally, I should have debuted as NCT.

ㅡ Park Yuri


He ultimately became a model after things didn’t work out, but explained that he was never able to give up his dream of becoming an idol.


On this day, Park Yuri confidently showed off his skills and even voluntarily performed a dance for the judges. He received a final “B” grade while his fellow ESteem Entertainment trainees all received “X” grade.


Meanwhile, Park Yuri was also involved in a controversy over his attitude in the past.

Watch the full clip below:


Source: Dispatch