Kim Yohan Becomes First Produce X 101 Contestant To Receive Snack Truck For Dear.101

He set a record!

Produce X 101 contestant Kim Yohan has proved his popularity by becoming the first trainee to reach stage 5 of Dear.101.


Fans can support their favorite trainees on the Dear.101 website and trainees receive various gifts according to the number of votes they receive.


Trainees that reach the first stage receive a snack box filled with delicious snacks.


The second stage is a vitamin box.


The third stage, a beauty box.


And the fourth stage, an MCM cap and gold dog charm.


Trainees that reach the fifth and last stage receive a snack truck and Kim Yohan has become the first trainee to reach this stage!


Having continuously ranked within the top 3 with the exception of week 6, his achievements have been proving just how much he is loved by fans!

Source: Dispatch