Produce X 101 Contestants Nam Dohyun And Kim Youngsang Are Reportedly Regulars At This Fast Food Chain

They apparently visit the restaurant frequently!

Produce X 101 contestants Nam Dohyun and Kim Youngsang, who are both trainees of MBK Entertainment, were recently spotted at a certain fast food chain.


On May 21, the Facebook page “Killingtimeee2” uploaded photos of the two idols at the restaurant and mentioned in the caption that the two were rumored to be regulars.


It seems that the two trainees are regulars at the McDonald’s near Gangnam-gu Office Station.


This is most likely because MBK Entertainment is located right in the area.


The two showed up on this day in casual attire…


But due to their tall and lean physique, they could be spotted even from far away!


Both Nam Dohyun and Kim Youngsang were also spotted at the movie theater enjoying a “Pikachu popcorn combo” alongside fellow MBK trainee Lee Hangyul.


Meanwhile, Nam Dohyun and Kim Youngsang are currently placed No.5 and No.58 respectively on the Produce X 101 trainee ranking.


Source: Dispatch