13 Male Trainees Rumored To Compete In “PRODUCE X 101”

They’re only 13 of an unidentified large number.

With news of PRODUCEX101 gearing up to launch their newest survival audition program in April, netizens have been buzzing with rumors of its potential competing trainees.

Rumors say that 28 entertainment labels have put forth their trainees, such as DSP Media, Source Music, Woollim, Starship and more.

produce x 101 rumor 1


They’ve also listed 13 trainees are who will allegedly participate in for a chance to debut, such as Byunghee, who is best known from Under Nineteen.

produce x 101 rumor 2

Kim Dongbin from Produce 101 Season 2 is also rumored to try and compete once again. He was accused of trying to win votes through unethical methods during Season 2.

produce x 101 rumor 5


A young boy by the name of Heo Seungmin is rumored to be a trainee from Pledis Entertainment.

produce x 101 rumor 4

This handsome trainee is rumored to be training under C9 Entertainment. Netizens believe his name is Kim Insung.

produce x 101 rumor 3

Source Music will allegedly send out a trainee named Jin Hyunwoo, who has BTS‘s “I NEED U” down to the core!


Victory Company apparently is thinking of sending out three of their trainees. Hojun, the man with the sweetest smile…

produce x 101 rumor 13

Seungwon, a chic trainee with the fiercest gaze…

produce x 101 rumor 12

…and Jaemin, a trainee with the cutest puppy dog eyes!

produce x 101 rumor 11


An independent trainee without a label, named Yoo Hyunwoo, uploaded an audition tape for PRODUCEX101 that has already gone viral.

There were also unnamed trainees who are rumored to compete, such as this red-haired gentleman.

produce x 101 rumor 6

produce x 101 rumor 7

And this trainee who has the whitest complexion that highly contrasts his dark black hair.

produce x 101 rumor 8


Many of these unnamed trainees are definitely got the visuals down!

produce x 101 rumor 9

Netizens will have to wait to find out what their names are, and if they’re even competing for sure!

produce x 101 rumor 10


Mnet announced that the trainees will begin dorming together starting in March, and will air its first episode sometime in April.

Source: Idol Issue
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