Here’s What Professional Dancers Really Have To Say About Lee Chaeyeon Participating In “Street Woman Fighter”

The topic has gained a lot of attention!

When former IZ*ONE main dancer Lee Chaeyeon announced that she would be taking part in Street Woman Fighter, one of the recurring themes in the show was the way the street dancers view idols.

Many contestants have expressed that they see idol dancers as drastically different from them due to their different training methods and focuses. Mnet has also been under fire for its editing, making it seem like the dancers are constantly criticizing the idol.

Lee Chaeyeon is an artist currently under WM Entertainment | @chaestival_/Instagram

In a recent video with AYO, two professional dancers sat down and discussed everything from dancing with BTS before they debuted, the best K-Pop dancer, and much more.

Specifically, they spoke about the idea that dancers like themselves look down on idols, and Lee Bomin explained that it was actually a misunderstanding that stemmed from the Mnet show!

They both explained that when it comes to training for dancers, it is very different from idols and that it could have been difficult for Lee Chaeyeon to adapt to the show. Yet, it doesn’t mean that they look down on idols, despite their differences!

In particular, Lee Bomin seemed to have nothing but praise for Lee Chaeyeon and how she is adapting to the new surroundings in the show.

It seems that she has adapted to the new surroundings, and she’s showing her skills. Compared to the first time she had the battle, I think she got warmed up, and she can show off her talent.

— Lee Bomin

If that wasn’t enough, she also praised the idol for staying strong amongst the dancers. She added, “I think it’s awesome that she can do that among great dancers.

As expected, despite the way Mnet has portrayed these dancers and their approach to Lee Chaeyeon, many respect everything she is doing and that she can shine on this show and break stereotypes about idol dancers.

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With her talent and charisma, there is no denying Lee Chaeyeon is such a talented idol and earned her title of main dancer. It seems that along with fans, even professional dancers can respect all of her hard work.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: AYO