Professional K-Pop Music Video CG Artist Reveals What You Need To Do To Prepare For A Job In The Industry

To get from one level to another, you need practice!

Have you ever wanted to work on K-Pop music videos? There are many advantages to taking on this job, as a CG designer explained in an interview with Doyouram.

K-Pop CG artist | Doyouram – Everyday K-Culture/YouTube

The anonymous editor specifically works as a 2D compositor, stating, “I edit videos by composing or deleting people and things like that.” Thanks to his talent and perseverance, he got to work with big names such as with TXT on their music video for “Magic,” BTS on their “Butter” performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and with K-Drama directors for shows like Extracurricular and The School Nurse Files.

If you also want to work with numerous celebrities, you can consider making CG designing your career. The anonymous editor explained what people need to do to reach the goal.

As for how to become a CG designer, I’d say, search for the types of videos you want to make and watch them three, four, or five times. Watch them repeatedly.

— CG Artist

When he was still young, he learned by comparing the before-and-after shots of the film series Harry Potter.

In my case, it was Harry Potter. So, watch Harry Potter and try to figure out what details were made with computer graphics. Search for the original filmed video of Harry Potter and compare it to the final version.

— CG Artist

Harry Potter | Warner Bros via Slash Film

If you really want to make it as a CG artist, you must start practicing as early as now. The good thing is that practice means watching your favorite movies, music videos, or shows!

This will really help you figure out what to do when you study CG and work on CG.

— CG Artist

TXT’s “Magic” behind the scenes | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
TXT’s “Magic” after editing | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Moreover, the designer stated that someone who has spatial awareness is best fit for the job. If you think this description matches your skills, it may be time for a career review.

If you like picturing an image in your head in a 3D kind of way, and if you’re good at it, it will help you.

— CG Artist

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube