Prosecution In Baby Jung In’s Case Asks For Adoptive Parents To Be Charged With Murder

This could mean life imprisonment.

The prosecution in baby Jung In‘s child abuse case has officially asked for the adoptive parents to be charged with murder.

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The child abuse case in regards to baby Jung In and her death has officially begun their trial on the morning of January 13th at the Seoul District Court. During the trial, the prosecutors applied for a murder charge against the adoptive parents. Jung In, who was only 16 months old at the time of her death showed many visible signs of abuse.

Still from “Unanswered Questions” | SBS

If the adoptive parents are found guilty of murder, they could face a minimum of 10 to 16 years in prison. If additional factors are found and applicable to this case, it is possible that they could face a life sentence. With just the child abuse charges, the mother and father would only face 4 to 7 years in prison. The murder charge would be a 6 to 9 year increase on the normal child abuse charge that the adoptive parents of Jung In are facing.

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Both the adoptive mother and father have come forward with additional statements in regards to Jung In’s death.

While they admit to the child abuse, neglect and abandonment charges, they want to reiterate that they did not deliberately hit the child with excess force knowing that it would lead to her death.

— Law representative of adoptive parents

Still from “Unanswered Questions” | SBS

They continued on with their statement by releasing new information about the day of Jung In’s death.

On the day of her death, Jung In would not eat which angered her adoptive mother. She admits that out of anger, she hit Jung In’s stomach and back harder than usual. She grabbed the child’s arms and shook her, which resulted in the child being dropped. She admits to these but she says she never hit Jung In to the point where her pancreas would be ruptured. She claims that after she dropped Jung In, she picked her back up immediately to console her.

— Law representative of adoptive parents

With these statements, the adoptive parents are vehemently denying any murder charges.

Jung In’s adoptive mother | KBS

To protest on behalf of Jung In, citizens from all over the nation showed up in solidarity for the child and her wrongful death. The date of the second trial has been set to take place on February 17th.

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