Prosecution Drops Charges Against Eddy Kim in Jung Joon Young Chatroom Controversy

Eddy Kim’s agency released a formal statement.

Eddy Kim, who was previously booked for circulating obscene material, had his indictment suspended by the prosecution.

Shortly after the charges were dropped, Eddy Kim’s agency, Mystic Story released an official announcement.

Last March, Eddy Kim was investigated after being charged for circulating obscene material, and after being forwarded to prosecution, his indictment was suspended.

– Mystic Story

Mystic Story also explained the details behind what Eddy Kim was investigated for.

Eddy Kim didn’t film and circulate any obscene material, but he did upload one photo from the internet, for which he was investigated. The investigation revealed that regardless of the fact that illegal videos were shared in the groupchat, the members of the chat gathered for other interests.

– Mystic Story

Regardless, the agency apologized on behalf of Eddy Kim for his behavior.

Eddy Kim is aware that his behavior was thoughtless, and he’s reflecting upon his actions. We sincerely apologize to anyone who felt disappointed by his actions.

– Mystic Story

Source: Dispatch