Prosecution Requests Another Arrest Warrant For Seungri

They have requested another arrest warrant.

Prosecution have requested another arrest warrant for Seungri, 8 months after their first arrest warrant application was deemed invalid.

According to News1 via Star News, on January 8, prosecution filed for an arrest warrant with 7 total charges. Those include the same 5 charges his May 2019 arrest warrant was applied under: prostitution, prostitution solicitation, violation of the Food and Sanitation Act, embezzlement categorized as specific economic crime, and workplace embezzlement. The 2 additional charges are violating the foreign transaction act and habitual gambling.

Seungri is suspected of soliciting prostitution 29 times between September 2015 to January 2016 for foreign investors, violating the Food and Sanitation Act by illegally running his entertainment venue as a restaurant, using funds from Burning Sun for personal use, and habitual overseas gambling in Las Vegas, among other suspicions.

After 8 months since the last major update of Seungri’s case, prosecution will once again meet Seungri in court. The expected date of his arrest warrant validation hearing is January 13.

Source: News1 and Star News