Prosecution Reveals The Final Ranking Of Produce 101 Creating I.O.I Was Also Manipulated

One member was not part of the real lineup.

Prosecution has revealed that one trainee was unfairly added into I.O.I even though the votes showed that a different trainee was supposed to be in the Top 11.

According to an exclusive report from Money Today, there were 2 instances of ranking manipulation during the first season of Produce 101. The first one was during the first eliminations from 101 trainees to 61. Here, two trainees that were in the Top 61 were removed, and two trainees that were supposed to be eliminated were placed into the Top 61.

Additionally, during the final live broadcast, prosecution has confirmed that one trainee in the Final Top 11 was switched out in favor of a trainee that was not in the Top 11. However, it was not at the cause of Ahn Joon Young PD, but instead “Han” CP.

It is true that Ahn Joon Young was the Main PD of Produce 101 at the time, and that the final rankings were changed, but Ahn Joon Young has denied his involvement in the manipulation, stating that he was in charge of editing the broadcast and not in charge of tallying the votes.

We have concluded that it was former CJENM CP “Han” and main writer “Park” who were in charge of tallying the votes, and Ahn Joon Young PD has nothing to do with it.

— Prosecution

While it was proven that Ahn Joon Young PD did not have any role in manipulating the rankings in Produce 101, it brings truth to the original claim that all four seasons of Produce 101 had some form of manipulation in the rankings.

Source: Money Today