Ravi Finally Confesses Why He Evaded His Military Obligations — Prosecutors Demand 2 Year Prison Sentence

Prosecutors claimed Ravi wasn’t cooperative during investigations.

Prosecutors demanded that Ravi be sentenced to two years in prison for evading his military service.

Ravi | Groovl1n

On April 11, the Seoul Southern District Court held trials for Ravi and rapper Nafla on charges of violating the Military Service Act, in which prosecutors asked the courts to sentence them to two years and two years and six months in prison, respectively.

Ravi is alleged to have falsified his medical history to state that he had epilepsy in order to evade military service, while Nafla is alleged to have lied about his depression in order to receive civil duties during his enlistment.

Seoul Southern District Court | DongA Ilbo

On this day, prosecutors asked for prison sentences revealing that Ravi and Nafla did not cooperate before being confronted with hard evidence.

The fact they colluded with the illegal broker points to how deplorable the crime is. They are confessing to the crimes now, but at the time of their investigations, they gave excuses and denied the charges before we submitted hard evidence.

— Prosecutors

During the trial, Ravi reportedly gave his reasons why he evaded his military obligations citing that he was the only artist on his label that was bringing in revenue and that COVID-19 had pushed his label to hard times.

At the time, I was the only artist bringing in revenue (for the label), and we were in danger of having to pay large fees for violating contracts due to COVID-19. I apologize to those faithfully serving the military and to epilepsy patients and their families who were hurt by me.

— Ravi

The court decided to sentence both artists at a later date. Meanwhile, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that Ravi had withdrawn from VIXX.

Jellyfish Entertainment Announces Ravi Has Withdrawn From VIXX


Source: chosun ilbo
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