Jellyfish Entertainment Announces Ravi Has Withdrawn From VIXX

Ravi is currently under police investigation.

Jellyfish Entertainment has made the announcement that Ravi will no longer be a part of VIXX.

In a statement shared on VIXX’s fancafe, Jellyfish Entertainment made their short announcement regarding VIXX’s future as a group without Ravi.

Jellyfish Entertainment’s statement.

Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.

We would like to sincerely thank the fans who support VIXX and we would like to inform you about Ravi’s withdrawal from the group.

Ravi decided to leave the group today after a series of discussions with the company.

We would like to apologize for concerning the fans who support VIXX.

— Jellyfish Entertainment

Ravi is currently under investigation and undergoing trial for charges of evading military service. He was suspected to be the K-Pop idol who used a broker to evade his mandatory military service and was booked on charges shortly afterwards. Documents pertaining to Ravi were found in the home of the broker, and prosecution has demanded a two year prison sentence for his crimes.

Source: Jellyfish Entertainment


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