VIXX Ravi’s Military Exemption Documents Were Reportedly Found In The Phone Of Illegal Broker

Ravi was recently booked for his alleged involvement with the broker.

Prosecutors confirmed they had obtained evidence implicating VIXX‘s Ravi in an illegal scheme to circumvent military conscription laws and receive an exemption for active duty.

Ravi | @ravithecrackkidz/Instagram

On January 12, DongA Ilbo released an article in which the news outlet reported that Ravi’s exemption letter was found in the phone of a broker who is accused of using his influence and knowledge of the military to aid clients in receiving an exemption for active duty.

The report also stated that through a phone forensic analysis, authorities uncovered evidence and phone records indicating that Ravi had sought the help of the brokers.

One of the alleged brokers arrested for being involved in an illegal military exemption scheme | SBS News

Ravi is currently serving out his military obligation as a public service worker. Ravi first revealed that he had received an exemption in October of 2022. The broker, however, is alleged to have commented on an online post that “Ravi will enlist as a public service worker at the end of May.” The report also alleged that the broker had often bragged about helping Ravi attain his exemption to other clients.

On January 12, Joy News24 alleged that VIXX’s Ravi was suspected of employing the services of an illegal broker to gain an exemption from military service. It would later be revealed that Ravi had been formally booked for his alleged involvement in the exemption scheme.

VIXX’s Ravi Is Reportedly Booked In Connection To Illegal Military Exemption Scheme

Ravi’s label GROOVL1N revealed in a statement that they were looking into the facts and would cooperate with any investigation into the allegations.

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Source: donga ilbo