#Protectblackengenes Trend On Twitter After Rumors Of A Black ENHYPEN Fan’s Suicide Death

She was “constantly bullied and attacked” for speaking up about Heeseung’s n-word controversy.

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This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

A hashtag involving ENHYPEN and their fans, ENGENEs have been trending on Twitter due to a tragic situation. An ENHYPEN fan uploaded a tweet that updated their followers on a possible suicide involving a black ENHYPEN fan. According to the Twitter user, the deceased black ENGENE had been getting “constant bullying and attacks…on tiktok.” 

The original Twitter user then uploaded two screenshots from TikTok that described the incident that may have led to the possible suicide of their fellow ENHYPEN fan.

| @jakesorange/TikTok

So ENGENEs really invalidated a black girl’s feelings to the point of suicide??!!! Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

— @jakesorange/TikTok

The following TikTok screenshot contained even more details about the black ENGENE who is said to have taken her own life. According to TikTok user @jakesorange, the black ENGENE had expressed that while ENHYPEN was “her escape,” after seeing one of the members use the n-word, she wanted to share her opinions on why that was not okay.

However, after uploading her thoughts on the situation, “racist” fans began to send her “threats and…blatant racist” words. It was shared that these ENHYPEN fans had allegedly told the black ENGENE to “kill herself,” which @jakesorange claims may have been her last straw. Following this back and forth, it was reported that the black ENHYPEN fan’s TikTok account was no longer available.

| @jakesorange/TikTok

This all stems from ENHYPEN member Heeseung and his alleged n-word controversy that happened just a few days ago. Previously, Heeseung was called out for allegedly saying the n-word while singing along to the lyrics of SZA‘s “Love Galore.” In a video featuring Heeseung and fellow member Jungwon, netizens claimed that SZA’s track was playing in the background of the video and Heeseung could be heard singing the n-word.

This sparked a massive debate between ENGENEs, who wanted to protect their bias, and other netizens who wanted him to be held accountable if he indeed said the n-word. The hashtag #protectenhypen began to trend after the controversy went live, as thousands of ENHYPEN fans rallied behind Heeseung, claiming that he did not say the offensive term.

ENHYPEN’s Heeseung (left) in the video where he allegedly said the n-word | YouTube

The black ENGENE who may have taken her life is said to have been one of the many people who spoke out on Heeseung’s n-word controversy. And while she spoke up about why the offensive term is not okay to use, masses of other ENHYPEN fans reportedly began to attack and berate her for speaking up.

ENHYPEN’s Heeseung | BE:LIFT Lab

The black ENGENE’s suicide death has not been confirmed nor denied due to the ambiguous situation of her deleted TikTok account. However, that did not stop the hundreds of netizens who began to pour out their condolences onto Twitter, all while using the hashtag #protectblackengenes.

| Twitter

ENHYPEN’s label, BE:LIFT Lab has not addressed Heeseung’s n-word controversy, despite the fact that it happened several days ago.

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