Idols’ Relationships With Star Footballers Reportedly Take Unexpected Turn

Three idols have been linked with footballers in the past week.

Lee Kang In, Naeun, Seol Young Woo, and Yena have all reportedly broken up.

Naeun (left) and Yena (right)

On January 5, SPOTV News reported that both APRIL members had broken up with their respective footballer boyfriends.

Lee Kang In (left) and Seol Young Woo (right)

Previously, Lee Kang In was reported to be dating Naeun. In an exclusive article, THE FACT released several photographs of the couple together.

At the time, Naeun’s label denied the rumors.

We have confirmed there is a relationship between the two, but Naeun stated it was nothing more than just friends.

— Namoo Actors

Yena and Seol Young Woo’s alleged relationship came to light soon after. Several alleged pieces of evidence then surfaced, giving credence to the rumors.

Yena’s label has since been contacted about the rumors, but the agency has remained tight-lipped.

It is difficult to confirm the rumors as she is also a human being. We ask that you understand.

— Starbase

Meanwhile, a third idol has been rumored to be dating a footballer. Read more about it in the link below.

Idol-Actress Rumored To Be Dating Korean Football Star

Source: spotv news