PSG Soccer Star Lee Kang In And Former APRIL Member Naeun Are Reportedly Dating

They were spotted outside her home.

Paris Saint-Germain and Korean soccer star Lee Kang In and former APRIL member Lee Naeun are reportedly dating.

According to an exclusive report from The Fact, Lee Kang In and Naeun are currently in a relationship. The Fact received a tip-off that the two were dating in 2023 and were able to spot the two on dates. Their dates mainly took place at either Naeun’s house and car or when she would visit the National Soccer Team’s dorms. She also spent time with Lee Kang In at the Korean National Team’s hotel on November 14 and 15 ahead of the team’s qualifying game for the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualification – AFC.

Following the game, in which South Korea beat Singapore 5-0, the two spent time at Naeun’s house. The Fact was able to see the two on a date outside Naeun’s apartment in Gyeonggi-do. They were conscious of their surroundings, walking very quickly to the car. Lee Kang In did, however, go into a convenience store to get some ice cream for the two to share.

In addition, The Fact spotted Lee Kang In heading to his date with Naeun following the team’s practice on November 14. Wearing a hoodie and thick-rimmed glasses, Lee Kang In got into Naeun’s car. The same thing happened on November 15 too. They stayed together for around four hours before Lee Kang In had to return to his hotel room.

In response to The Fact’s report, both Naeun and her agency, Namoo Actors, denied the report.

We have confirmed there is a relationship between the two, but Naeun stated it was nothing more than just friends.

— Namoo Actors

Our relationship isn’t one of dating.

I did get tickets from him for the match.

— Naeun

In addition, Lee Kang In’s side had no statement to share.

We have nothing to say.

— Lee Kang In’s management

Source: The Fact