“PSICK SHOW” Edits Out Comments Made About Jay Park

He responded to the controversial remarks.

Popular YouTube show PSICK SHOW has edited out comments made by the hosts regarding solo artist Jay Park.

Jay Park

Psick University‘s PSICK SHOW is very popular right now with music artists. Not only was it the only YouTube show promotion BTS‘s RM did when he promoted his solo album Indigo, but Epik High, NCT‘s Johnny, and 2NE1‘s CL have all guested recently.

Despite the show’s popularity, especially among artists, it was recently in hot water due to allegedly shady comments about Jay Park.

TikToker Patrick (@texpatpat) shared a clip from PSICK SHOW‘s new episode, featuring DPR LIVE and DPR IAN. In introducing the guests, host Lee Yong Joo claims DPR has more Spotify streams than Jay Park and even adds, “Sorry, Jay Park, more than you!” Co-hosts Jung Jae Hyung and Kim Min Soo can be heard agreeing.

Today’s guest is a very special guest. Let me introduce today’s special guest, the most streamed K-Hip-Hop artist on Spotify … more than Jay Park.

— Lee Yong Joo


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The video also went viral on Twitter, with over 100K views at the time of writing.

Patrick’s clip went viral on TikTok with 64.4K views. Patrick and the viewers agreed that something must have happened between them based on the hosts’ tone and random mention of Jay Park.

| TikTok

Jay Park actually guested on PSICK SHOW two months ago. There is nothing really in the episode to indicate that there were any bitter feelings.

Jay Park did make a controversial comment about being a trailblazer for Korean Hip-Hop, going so far as to say, In terms of taking it globally, no one’s gone further than me.” At the time, some of the hosts could be heard agreeing with him, saying “Yes,” “That’s right,” etc. Still, considering their recent comments made, it’s possible that PSICK SHOW was shading Jay Park for this. That’s at least what it seems to viewers. 

Since the hosts’ comments about Jay Park in their DPR episode went viral, Jay Park commented on the video. Fans are praising his response as he showed he didn’t take it negatively.

Appreciate the support but not worries. This is a comedy show. Numbers arnt important. Enjoy 🙏💯much love to the psick fam

— Jay Park

Yet, other fans are pointing out that Jay Park’s Spotify listeners are actually higher, so PSICK SHOW‘s hosts’ comments weren’t even correct. While DPR IAN and DPR LIVE have 1,957,633 and 1,850,131 monthly listeners, respectively (a combined total of 3,807,764), Jay Park has 4,172,066 monthly listeners.

Whether it was due to the viral clip, Jay Park’s fans’ negative response, or the fact that the information was actually inaccurate, the clip has since been deleted.


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You can watch the episode below and see that DPR IAN and DPR LIVE’s introduction is cut short.

Source: 피식대학Psick Univ

Jay Park

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