PSY And BTS Suga’s “That That” Choreography Unexpectedly Appears In Popular Video Game

Just in time for Suga’s birthday!

PSY and BTS Suga‘s iconic choreography for their collab “That That” unexpectedly recently appeared in a popular video game, much to fans’ excitement.

Suga (left) and PSY (right) | P NATION

In April 2022, PSY made his anticipated comeback with the album PSY 9th and the title track “That That,” featuring BTS’s Suga.

“That That” became an instant classic, and everyone was doing their best at the “That That” choreography with the TikTok challenge.

Every Celebrity PSY Dances With In “That That” TikTok Dance Challenge

Now, nearly a year later, “That That” is proving its iconic status by appearing in one of the hottest video games, FortniteEpic Games Fortnite is an online battle royale game released in 2017.

| Epik Games

ARMYs noticed that a new emote (dance) had been added, available for purchase. It’s called “Gunslinger Smokeshow,” and it’s undeniably the same choreography from “That That.”

Fortnite confirmed it, too, with a tweet. It was added just in time for Suga’s birthday on March 9!

Fortnite is known for its inclusion of trendy dances. Intersetly, BTS even participated in a dance challenge featuring Fortnite on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

BTS’s Dynamite” MV also premiered on Fortnite: Party Royale, a game mode that holds concerts, shows movies, and shares music videos.

“That That” isn’t the first nor last K-Pop choreography included. We’re excited to see what Fortnite includes next.