PSY Claims There’s One Specific Way BTS’s Suga Is Just Like Him, And Not All K-Pop Idols Are The Same

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When news of BTS Suga‘s collaboration with veteran singer PSY was released, many people were surprised. They didn’t expect the two to perform on the same stage, much less release a song together! In May, their track “That That” was finally unveiled to the public, and it was well-received by fans.

When it comes down to it, however, the collaboration may not have actually come out of the blue. According to the “Gangnam Style” singer, Suga shares several similarities with him. He zeroed in on one trait in a recent behind-the-scenes vlog of their “That That” rehearsals.

During one of their breaks, PSY and Suga sat beside each other. The former opened up about how people imply that he doesn’t act his age. Smiling, he added that they tell him to his face that they don’t want to be like him when they reach their 40s. They even jokingly ask if he can still move his body properly.

People always tease me, saying they wouldn’t act like me if they were my age. Like, ‘Can you even move well at your age?‘ People say that a lot.

— Psy

Turning to Suga, he told him that he also seems like the kind of person who will perform for as long as he wants to, no matter how old he gets. “You look like the type that’ll do this until my age, 1000%,” he said with confidence.

He then called the BTS rapper “hardworking” and light-heartedly compared him to a cow—a hard working one, that is! Meanwhile, Suga simply laughed at PSY’s words, neither affirming nor denying it.

 You’re like a cow. [A] hardworking cow.

— Psy

If it were up to ARMYs, Suga performing for decades to come is wonderful news! Who wouldn’t want to watch such a talented performer do what he does best? However, only time will tell what he himself will want to do.

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In the same video, Suga described how his performance with PSY was unlike any he had experienced before. Check it out here:

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