PSY Congratulates BTS On Surpassing His Record For Billboard’s “Hot 100”

Just a legend recognizing a fellow legend.

BTS just got their first No.1 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart, which had even the current president and former prime minister of Korea congratulating the world-class stars.

But there’s another well-known celebrity who congratulated BTS on their huge accomplishment, and it’s none other than their “sunbae”, who held the top Billboard’s Hot 100 record as a Korean celebrity before BTS surpassed it.


And the star is none other than PSY.

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As soon as the news broke out, PSY publicly congratulated his “hoobaes.”

| @42psy42/Instagram

PSY attached a screenshot of Billboard ranking on his Instagram and captioned it,

#Finally #Proud #I’m honestly so proud


BTS made history by becoming the very first Korean artist to take 1st place on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.



But prior to this milestone, PSY held the previous record by taking 2nd place on the Billboard chart in 2012 with his viral hit, “GANGNAM STYLE.”

PSY “Gangnam Style”

So when he witnessed his “hoobaes” surpassing his record 8 years later, he didn’t hesitate to express how proud he is.

Nothing like one K-Pop legend honoring another!

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