PSY Acknowledges Dawn’s “Greatness” As A Boyfriend After Spotting Him With Girlfriend HyunA

PSY was in awe.

PSY of P Nation just posted a secret video he took of his artists, HyunA and Dawn to prove Dawn’s “greatness” as a boyfriend.

| @42psy42/Instagram

From the looks of it, PSY secretly took the video while Dawn took photos of HyunA posing.

| Korea Herald


In the video, Dawn instantly turned into a photographer as he attempted various angles with his focus solely on HyunA.

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When HyunA spotted PSY taking the video, she was flustered at first, but she immediately went back to posing.

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And as for Dawn, he remarked, “I have to take good photos. I have to focus. I think my photo-taking skills improved” and made PSY burst into laughter.

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Regarding the sighting, PSY acknowledged Dawn’s “greatness” as a boyfriend through his caption, “The greatness of Kim Hyojong’s true love.

| @42psy42/Instagram

And netizens completely agree.

  • They’re the true lovers of the Korean entertainment industry.
  • I love PSY’s laughter in this video.
  • The single people are walking away crying.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch