Psy Denies Allegations That Yang Hyun Suk Solicited Prostitution to Wealthy Businessmen

Psy made his stance clear on his Instagram Live.

Psy recently spoke up about the allegations made against Yang Hyun Suk about soliciting prostitution to wealthy businessmen by posting a message on his Instagram Live.

Psy stated, “The wealthy Malaysian businessman in the reports is my friend, and I’m the one who introduced him to Yang Hyun Suk.

He then confessed that he and Yang Hyun Suk did indeed participate in the gathering. He added, “The businessman and his party visited Korea during his schedule in Asia. Yang Hyun Suk and I were invited, so we had a meal with everyone.

But he stressed that he knows nothing about providing sexual favors by stating, “Yang Hyun Suk and I left the gathering early. We just thought it was a regular gathering with people from a different country.

Psy wrapped up his message with an apology that reads, “I’m sorry for any worry or anxiety this incidence might have caused.

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