PSY Gets “Called Out” By Fans Who Think He Needs To Gain Weight—And He’s Probably The Only Korean Star To Do So

He was just trying to film a mukbang!

Singer PSY is known for a multitude of things, including his occupation as a singer, rapper, songwriter, and founder of PNATION. However, out of his impressive list of accolades, the singer has received love from the nation for his fuller image. While he has never actually been overweight, the impossible Korean beauty standards deemed him otherwise, which has since become PSY’s trademark look.

Singer and PNATION founder, PSY | Billboard

As the years progressed, however, PSY has started to become noticeably slimmer—and it looks like fans are not happy about his changing visuals. PSY recently uploaded a mukbang video of himself eating ddeokbokki (spicy Korean rice cake), but it wasn’t the food that garnered attention.

Rather than commenting on the delicious meal, fans began to fill his comment section with concerns regarding his skinny appearance! This specific fan commented on PSY’s face shape change…

| @42psy42/Instagram

…while this fan shared their “genuine concerns” regarding the singer’s boney appearance.

| @42psy42/Instagram

PSY’s responses are hilarious, which is not surprising at all. But if PSY is happy with how he looks, that is all that matters!


In related news, PSY has been busy with his agency PNATION—which is home to some of South Korea’s biggest artists, such as JessiHyuna, Dawn, Crush, Heize, and more.

PNATION artists from left to right: Hyuna, PSY, Dawn, and Jessi.
Source: Insight