Remember The Little Boy From PSY’s “Gangnam Style” Music Video? He’s All Grown Up Now And Taking The Internet By Storm

What a difference ten years makes!

Back in 2012, PSY‘s track “Gangnam Style” took over the world, and for many people, it was their first taste of K-Pop. With its over-the-top concept, catchy lyrics, and iconic dance, it isn’t surprising that everyone was obsessed with it.

PSY in the “Gangnam Style” video | officialpsy/ YouTube

In particular, one person in the video that caught the attention of viewers everywhere was the little boy in the music video. The child was sassy, full of life, and definitely stole the hearts of fans with his charisma.

| officialpsy/ YouTube

As soon as the video was released, everyone wanted to know who this iconic boy was, and it was revealed that he was called Hwang Min Woo. After rising to fame on Korea’s Got Talent in 2010, the young star was contacted by PSY and gained fame almost overnight with his cameo.

Hwang Min Woo as a child

Fast forward to 2022, and what is the young star doing? Well, he was only seven years old when the video was first released, and now that nearly ten years have passed, he is definitely a long way from that young boy netizens first saw as he’s now 16 years old.

Although the star still has a youthful look about him, he’s grown into a mature teenager with very handsome looks. On his Instagram, which is rightly named @littlepsy_hmw, Hwang Min Woo posts pictures to his 10,000 followers regularly.

Hwang Min Woo now | @littlepsy_hmw/ Instagram
| @littlepsy_hmw/ Instagram
| @littlepsy_hmw/ Instagram

If you think his images have the visuals with the potential to be an idol, then you don’t need to worry.

In many of his photos, he’s sporting an iconic yellow school uniform, which is known to belong to students of the School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA). The school is iconic and has been the training ground of some of the biggest idols, including BTS‘s Jungkook, EXO‘s Kai, ATEEZ‘s Yunho, and many more.

Hwang Min Woo in his SOPA unfiform | @littlepsy_hmw/ Instagram
| @littlepsy_hmw/ Instagram

If Hwang Min Woo was talented at a young age, it seems like he’s only improved. His personal TikTok account has nearly 100,000 followers. In the videos, the star not only showcases his personality and charm…


But also that his dance skills are as good as ever. Whether he’s dancing alone or with his classmates, he definitely has the talent to become a global star just like PSY.

He’s even uploaded covers to YouTube of him dancing to tracks like TWICE‘s “The Feels” and an epic medley of BTS songs.

| 리틀싸이 황민우 Little PSY Hwang Min Woo/ YouTube
| 리틀싸이 황민우 Little PSY Hwang Min Woo/ YouTube 

At only 16, there is no denying that Hwang Min Woo will continue to grow in talent and find a way to make his own name in the Korean entertainment industry, whether it’s K-Pop, K-Dramas, or just variety shows.

Source: @minwoo0517/ TikTok and @littlepsy_hmw/ Instagram

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