PSY highly expected to close YG Entertainment’s 2015 line-up

With YG Entertainment making quite an impression with their line-up for 2015 so far, the question towards PSY’s comeback resurfaces once more. 

For 2015, YG Entertainment kickstarted the year with BIGBANG’s awaited comeback followed by iKON’s debut and possibly WINNER’s comeback. As the years ends, however, the agency received more speculations for PSY’s comeback.

It can be recalled that PSY was expected to make his comeback early this year with his title track and music video already prepared, along with Jung Woo Sung’s special appearance. The comeback was delayed eventually as they improve the quality of his album rather than returning.

On October 13th, it was reported that the “Gangnam Style” hitmaker is working with Kush, a producer who previously worked under YG Entertainment’s management and who has currently collaborated with Zion T.

Currently, the agency has not confirmed any more news about PSY’s comeback but the speculations remain high as he is set to schedule his yearly concert by the end of the year. With BIGBANG, iKON and possibly WINNER making their rounds this year, much attention is directed towards PSY who is speculated to complete the line-up for the year.

Source: TVReport