PSY invites “Little PSY” Jeon Min Woo to “All Night Stand” concert

PSY is revealed to have met with his younger counterpart “Litte PSY” Jeon Min Woo as he performed for his concert All Night Stand in Seoul, South Korea. 

On December 22nd, it was reported that PSY invited Jeon Min Woo to his concert, which took place at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena. The artist is said to have prepared the event for Min Woo who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer in his brain stem.

Jeon Min Woo, who is also known as Yanbian, was described to have been extremely delighted to have met PSY in the waiting room, with the artist giving him courage by taking photos back stage.

Jeon Min Woo initially gained popularity as “Little PSY” in the Chinese and Korean community when he impersonated PSY and performed “Gangnam Style” in a variety show. Since then, he has appeared in SBS Star King, further gaining more attention.

However, it was recently revealed on SBS Curious Story Y that the young entertainer is battling brain cancer and has been given six months left to live by his doctors.

Meanwhile, PSY will be holding a total of five concerts between December 19th and the 24th at the Olympic Gymnastic Arena.

Source: Daily Finance