PSY is left in shock as “Gangnam Style” reaches 2.3 billion views

PSY shares his surprise as the music video for “Gangnam Style” reached 2.3 billion views on YouTube.

Released back in the summer of 2012, “Gangnam Style” became a global sensation where there was non-stop talk about the track. After going viral in America, “Gangnam Style” quickly spread around the world, causing a worldwide influence.

Already holding the spot of number one most viewed video on YouTube and having broken the website’s view counter, “Gangnam Style” has reached 2.3 billion views as of April 13th.

Although released three years ago, PSY’s music video continues to rapidly gain views. From February to April, “Gangnam Style” had increased in 100 million views, leaving even PSY in surprise.

In a recent Twitter update, PSY uploaded a screenshot of his music video after the view counter hit 2.3 million. He included the caption, “OMG.jpg,” revealing his own shock at this event.

Aside from his multiple comedic comebacks, PSY created a change of scenery with the Korean release of the song, “Father,” which tells a more serious story.