PSY’s “Summer Swag” Concert Gets Criticized For Causing Damage To The Venue

This is not the first strike against them.

PSY is in the midst of his national tour for 2022’s Summer Swag concert. His concerts are always sold out yearly, thanks to his reputation as a great performer. Fans also enjoy the water park-like quality of Summer Swag concerts, which use water cannons and more to entertain viewers.

PSY’s Summer Swag concert. | Chosun

After his recent Yeosu concert on August 6, 2022, complaints have been flowing in from the citizens of Yeosu. According to reports, around 28,000 people attended the large scale concert at Yeosu’s Jinnam Sports Complex. A huge stage fixture was installed to accommodate the performance. Unfortunately, after the fixture was removed, the floor was left with deep indentations. The gravel had been dug into and torn up.

As the Sports Complex is a public arena used by the citizens of Yeosu, the damages caused by the concert were concerning to many. Complaints rolled in regarding the organizers of the concert who failed to restore the venue to its original state immediately. Requests were made to the organizers for them to restore the venue. It was reported that discussions were underway between the organizers and the Sports Complex staff. However, it would take at least 10 days to restore the gravel. During those days, the grounds would not be able to be used.

Criticism towards the organizers poured out, with many calling them out for being irresponsible.

Netizen reactions to the damage. | theqoo

  • “They should restore it to the original form after using it…”
  • “Such a nuisance.”
  • “It’s not Summer Swag show but Nuisance show.”
  • “They need to change their name to Nuisance show. Wasting water in this drought and even a foreign laborer died. They spread COVID-19 in clusters and now they’re even damaging the grounds.”

This is not the first time that PSY’s concert has been called out. Previously, the public called him out for being inconsiderate of the drought and dry weather with his excessive use of water.

Source: theqoo