PSY Summoned For Police Investigations In Relation To Yang Hyun Suk’s Prostitution Solicitation Charges

He was reportedly questioned until early morning.

The police in charge of investigating former YG Entertainment‘s executive producer, Yang Hyun Suk, has summoned and investigated PSY in relation to the case.

On June 16th, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency summoned PSY to ask questions about allegations that Yang Hyun Suk offered to solicit prostitution for his acquaintances. The questioning is said to have lasted from 5 pm (KST) on June 16th to 2:15 am on June 17th.


Last month, MBC‘s Straight reported that Yang Hyun Suk and a famous YG artist rented a fancy restaurant in Seoul in July 2014 and solicited prostitution for his foreign investors.

After the broadcast, PSY’s name was brought up as the “famous YG artist” who accompanied Yang Hyun Suk at the gathering. An affiliate of the police explained that they had summoned PSY in order to confirm the facts.

We investigated PSY to confirm the facts (related to suspicions of solicitation).

ㅡ Police affiliate


Before summoning PSY, the police also summoned a woman that goes by the name “Madam Jung”, who is suspected to have brought women to the gathering and solicit sexual services. During the investigation, Madam Jung claimed that while she did bring the women, no prostitution services were provided.

Based on Madam Jung and PSY’s investigation results, the police are expecting to summon Yang Hyun Suk himself in the near future.

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