PSY’s Tickets Cancel In Masses Due To His Connection To Yang Hyun Suk’s Prostitution Scandal

PSY’s agency took action about the cancellation requests.

PSY‘s tickets for his upcoming “Drenched Show 2019” concert is receiving massive cancellation requests due to his alleged connection to Yang Hyun Suk’s prostitution scandal.

Interpark ticketing sales representative revealed that PSY’s agency decided to offer full refunds for the tickets as it was the artist’s personal issue that is causing the backlash.

The cancellation requests for PSY’s ‘Drenched Show’ is growing quickly. Tickets can receive a 100% refund as it deals with the artist’s personal issue.

It was the artist’s personal issue that caused the public to react this way, so PSY’s agency decided to take this action.

— Interpark Ticket Sales

Anyone who had purchased a ticket and wishes to cancel can call Interpark and explain that they want a refund due to the artist’s personal issue. The tickets will be refunded without any extra fees.

Those who have already received their tickets in the mail will have to provide a photo of the ticket ripped into 6 pieces to show that the ticket will not be reused.

Anyone who purchased a ticket to PSY’s show in Busan set for the 19th will be able to cancel until 5 pm that day.

PSY was involved in Yang Hyun Suk’s prostitution scandal as he was present during the evening gatherings where foreign investors were introduced to prostitutes as entertainment.

Source: Sports Today

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