PSY Is Getting Called Out By Fans For “Letting Go” Of His Figure — His Personal Comments Are Hysterical

They’re all a bunch of trolls, and PSY is no exception.

In light of HyunA‘s anticipated comeback, PSY himself posted a video of himself promoting his artist, which drew unexpected attention to his figure.

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PSY’s video shows him dancing to HyunA’s new song, but what fans couldn’t help but notice is PSY’s appearance.

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Fans demanded to know why he “let go of himself” by losing weight.

  • How could you let go just because you have no performances?
  • Oppa, did you lose weight???
  • You’ve lost too much weight! Maintain your figure!
  • I’m so sad to see you look so skinny.
  • He’s the one celebrity who gets scolded by fans for losing weight.

And PSY responded to each comment with an apology that’s beyond hilarious.


PSY took the time to address each comment that showed concern over his new figure.

I’m sorry. I’ll be sure to maintain my figure.


One fan even called PSY handsome, to which PSY jokingly replied, “I’ll believe it if you don’t laugh.

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Meanwhile, Jessi, who’s also under PSY’s label, showed her support by commenting, “LOL, fiyaaaaa!

PSY’s P Nation has signed top artists such as HyunA, Dawn, Jessi, Crush, Heize, and more.

He’s certainly been busy, and evidently, it’s just too apparent to fans.

Source: Dispatch