Public Opinion Divided On Death Of Studio CEO Who Leaked Yang Yewon’s Nude Photos

Netizens continue their heated debate.

On July 9th, the studio CEO who was accused of sexually harassing Yang Yewon and leaking her nude photos was reported to have committed suicide by throwing himself off a bridge.

The CEO was facing his sixth interrogation on the day he committed suicide.


Back in May, the popular Youtuber, Yang Yewon, shared the horrific story of how she was sexually assaulted on multiple occasions by numerous men at a certain studio.

Popular YouTuber Reveals She Was A Victim Of Repeated Sexual Assault


The video went viral and as a result, her case was eventually posted on the official Blue House website with thousands of Korean citizens signing the petition to conduct a thorough investigation of the case.

The number of signatures increased significantly when Suzy openly supported Yang Yewon, uploading posts on her SNS account.


Shortly after the accusations were made, the CEO of the studio defended himself by releasing a series of text messages that indicated Yang Yewon voluntarily participated in the nude photoshoots.

Netizen opinions began to become divided with many supporters of Yang Yewon beginning to doubt the accusations after seeing the text messages.


After authorities tracked down one of the men who photographed Yang Yewon nude and pressed charges, the studio CEO committed suicide, leaving behind a will claiming that the investigations were not going fairly for him. On July 12th, the CEO’s body was found in the Han River near Misa Bridge.


With the confirmation of the CEO’s death, Korean citizens have begun to turn on Yang Yewon, leaving vicious comments on her Youtube channel and SNS accounts, and have even posted petitions on the official Blue House website, this time demanding thorough investigations and punishment on her.


Korean netizens have been continuing their heated debate over the death of the studio’s CEO.

  • “A young fox killed an innocent man. The fox who took photos for money is the bad one.”
  • “So is the CEO not at fault at all? According to the investigations, it doesn’t look like he’s innocent. Just because he left behind a will doesn’t mean he’s completely innocent. At this point, blaming people for the death of others through comments and petitions seems to be excessive and unimportant. Revealing the crimes that were committed is first and foremost.”
  • “Anyway, this wouldn’t have happened if Yang Yewon hadn’t uploaded a fake video acting like a victim. If she quietly went to the police and dealt with it, it would’ve been over with. Instead she acts like the victim to her family, friends and boyfriend in a fake video and made everything worse and then went into hiding. It’s unbelievable. She’ll be punished someday.”
  • “So if he commits suicide, he’s innocent?”
  • “Just because the man who passed committed a crime doesn’t mean Yang Yewon committed one too.”
  • “The CEO committed a crime and Yang Yewon was also evil.”
  • “Leaking the photos was wrong and photographing numerous nude photoshoots for money is also not normal.”
Source: Nate