“Queen Of Tears” Actor Clears Up Rumors Of Being Born Into A Wealthy Family

He continued acting despite his financial hardships.

In the most recent episode of tvN’s Hangout With Yoo, actor Park Sung Hoon clarified the misunderstanding that he came from a wealthy family.

He confessed his family’s difficulties due to these rumors about being born with a silver spoon (born into a wealthy and privileged life). He revealed that he was far from a wealthy family and experienced many financial hardships growing up.

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Rumors circulated that his father and older sister were studious, and his cousins were law school graduates and doctors. However, his father lost his job during the IMF, worsening his family situation. He admitted to experiencing the severity of poverty during high school.

He even recalled a memory of not being able to eat hamburgers with friends after school because he didn’t have the money.

His family’s financial situation continued even while he entered the military. He also remembered the pain and sadness his parents had to endure during that time and confessed that he felt helpless.

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However, despite his difficulties, he never lost his passion for acting. He continued to act even though his home was similar to the basement-level house seen in the movie Parasite.

This episode allowed fans and netizens to get a glimpse of his background and the story of how he never gave up acting despite his hardships.

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On the other hand, Park rose to stardom with his role in Netflix’s The Glory and, most recently, garnered much attention for his role in tvN’s Queen of Tears.

Source: wikitree
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