“R U Next?” Eliminates A Fan Favorite, Viewers Are Devastated

We wish the eliminated trainees the best!

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As the show has progressed, viewers of “R U Next?” have grown attached to all of the show’s contestants. Unfortunately, as time goes on, more and more trainees are eliminated.


Episode 8 saw three trainees, Funa, Seoyeon, and Hyewon, eliminated following the fifth round of the program. While large groups are common, the hopes that many trainees would debut together were dashed when it was announced that only six would make the final group.

This means that half of the twelve contestants remaining — Iroha, Jiwoo, Minju, Yunah, Yeongseo, Wonhee, Jeemin, Jeongeun, Chanelle, Moka, Jihyun, and Himena — will be eliminated.


During episode nine, the remaining trainees were divided into two teams, SCRUM and PRIDE, with Team SCRUM winning this performance round.

Overall, Minju ranked first, while Jihyun ranked twelfth.


Chanelle, a huge fan favorite due to her skills and pre-debut activities, ranked eleventh and was also eliminated alongside Jihyun.


Fans were especially hurt to see her go, considering her huge popularity abroad. In this episode, Chanelle ranked sixth in the global vote, showing how badly fans worldwide wanted her debut.

Her elimination brought about many emotions, ranging from anger over the show letting someone so talented depart, to support for her and her future endeavors.

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