Netizens Shocked By How “Radio Star” Completely Edited Robert Holley Out Of Recent Episode

Robert Holley’s scandal broke mere days before the episode aired.

The popular TV personality, Robert Holley, had filmed an episode for Radio Star that aired today on the 10th. Mere days before the airing date, he was found to have used illegal drugs on multiple occasions.


Due to his controversy, the Radio Star production team decided to edit him out of the episode. They barely had a day to edit him out, but the episode successfully aired without a trace of Robert Holley.

The editing team mostly used scenes that focused on the other cast.


But when they absolutely needed to include a full shot, they edited Holley out by putting computer graphics overs his face and body.


After watching the episode, netizens were shocked by how well the editing team was able to edit him out while keeping the show flowing smoothly and entertaining.


Thanks to the rest of the cast members, the episode marked a high rating without a dull moment from start to finish!

Source: Osen