Veteran K-Pop Singer Rain Accused Of Committing Real Estate Fraud Of 8.5 Billion Won

The alleged victim has already filed a formal complaint.

According to reports on September 25, K-Pop singer and actor Rain is fighting allegations of duping someone out of ₩8.50 billion KRW (about $6.35 million USD) in a real estate transaction.

Rain | Wikitree

The allegations surfaced in a video by popular YouTuber Goo Je Yeok. His channel is known for reporting exposés of controversial individuals, though they are not beyond criticism and controversies. According to Goo Je Yeok, “A,” the individual who brought the allegations against Rain, has sued Rain for alleged real estate fraud.

Goo Je Yeok reporting on the case | @user-guje/YouTube

Mr. A reportedly made a deal to sell his Namyang New Town building in Hwaseong to Rain for ₩25.0 billion KRW (about $18.7 million USD) and purchase the singer’s house in Itaewon to generate the necessary funds for the former deal. But, when he expressed his intention to visit the house, Rain allegedly disagreed, citing concerns about privacy. Instead, he showed pictures of the property.

Mr. A claimed that he bought the house from Rain for ₩8.50 billion KRW (about $6.35 million USD), based on the photos shown to him. He also trusted Rain’s celebrity status, along with the reputation of the real estate company. However, he stated that the condition of the property was much different in reality than in the photos shown by the real estate agent.

The real building allegedly didn’t have the outdoor swimming pool shown in the photos, and the overall appearance of the building deviated a lot as well. Mr. A claimed that even the interior was completely different, with torn-off wallpaper and stained walls left behind. When he raised the issue with the real estate company, they apparently responded by saying the photos were sent by Rain, and all they did was just show them to Mr. A.

On the left is the alleged photo received by Mr. A, and on the right, the actual property that Mr. A photographed later | Ilyo Sinmun

According to reports, A’s lawyers from Lawfirm Seobuk have already lodged a formal complaint against the K-Pop artist at the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul. The complaint was submitted last month. Rain’s company has refuted the allegations, stating that Rain had shown the property to A’s wife twice, and the real estate agency could substantiate the claim.

Rain made it clear that he would show the house and even showed it twice to Mr.A’s wife through his father. There are also messages and recordings shared with employees of the real estate brokerage firm.

— Rain’s representatives

As for the misleading photos, Rain’s agency stated that no such deception occurred. The photo with an outdoor swimming pool was the singer’s Kakaotalk profile picture, and both building records and online satellite images would show that the property never had any pool.

Rain never sent any photos with an outdoor swimming pool. The photo in question was Rain’s KakaoTalk profile photo. Anyone can confirm that there is no swimming pool just by looking at the buiding plan and street images. And who would lie like this while selling a building worth 8.5 billion won? Mr. A’s claim is completely false.

— Rain’s representatives

However, A’s legal representatives are ready to put up a fight and responded through YouTuber Goo Je Yeok that they would be debunking Rain’s claims with further evidence.

Source: Wikitree and Chosun Ilbo