Rain And Chungha Are Preparing A Collaboration Together

Who’s ready for the collab?

Soloists Rain and Chungha are reportedly preparing a collaboration together, and it will be unveiled in March.

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According to an exclusive report from Sports Chosun, Rain and Chungha are working together on a collaboration song that will be released in March. The collaboration started after Rain’s YouTube channel Season B Season hit one million subscribers, and he posted a comment on his YouTube channel community page, asking for his fans to recommend a female dance artist to work with. Many of his fans recommended Chungha, and the collaboration came to fruition.

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Since her solo debut with “Why Don’t You Know” in 2017, Chungha has been lauded as a solo queen, with many of her new releases showcasing her powerful dance skills and strong vocals, and her placements on the Korean music charts reflects her talent as well. Recently, she has been finishing up preparations for her first full album Querencia, in which she has already released her pre-release track.

The combination of Rain and Chungha, both of whom showcase their strong vocals and dance skills, will be released in March. This will be Rain’s second collaboration with an artist, following his collaboration song “Switch to Me” with J.Y. Park.

Source: Sports Chosun